Optagelser fra tidligere events hos Copenhagen Insight Meditation

Mindfulness in Buddhist Imagery. 20/11-2020

med Akincano M Weber | A talk about the imagery that can be found in Pali suttas - the ancient texts, as a way to understand mindfulness. Mindfulness can be explained and understood in many different ways. One way to understand mindfulness is througt imagery, which talks to us in a different language and not only includes cognitive understanding, but talks in a more direct way to our heart, feelings and emotions and therefore can reach us in more depth and support a more direct embodiment of the qualities that can be found within mindfulness.

The Peace of a Boundless Heart. 3/6-2020

med Nathan Glyde | The Buddhist teachings guide us to relieve our suffering via a path of calmness (samatha) and investigation (vipassanā) radically changing how we relate to life. We could say that all the practices of this path incline us towards immeasurable qualities of heart. These boundless warm and caring ways of relating (often called brahmavihārās) are fruits of practice, yet they can also be profound and powerful ways of practicing. These practices start right where we find ourselves, and extend into profound liberation and well-being.


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