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GERIT STÖCKLMAIR is a microbiologist, psychotherapist and meditation teacher, originally from Austria. Curiosity about the inner and outer world has put her on many journeys, and she has lived in England, Scotland and South Korea, before settling in Denmark, where she now lives. She has been practising meditation since 1994 and has been on extended retreats since 1998, mainly Vipassana, but also within the Zen and Triratna tradition. She graduated from the Bodhi College Committed Dharma Practitioners Program in 2010 and has an interest in personal development through body-mind-soul integration, which means you might also find her dancing on various occasions. Gerit has completed the Bodhi College Dharma Teacher Training.

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CHRISTIN ILLEBORG is a meditation teacher and owner of Nordic Dharma. She offers mindfulness programes and teaches insightmeditation shaped to our Nordic living conditions. She leads silent retreats in Denmark and Sweden, teaches both individuals and companies. Christin has been practicing meditation since 2000 when her fascination with Buddha’s timeless teachings began. She has been involved in a Japanese tradition, a Tibetan and most recently in the Theravada tradition and Vipassana. In 2017, she completed The Committed Dharma Practitioners Program at Bodhi College and is now enrolled in their training as a Dharma Teacher. Christin is also an educated film editor (DDF), yoga teacher and cognitive therapist.

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SIGNE GLAHN discovered meditation and mindfulness through an MBSR course in London more than a decade ago and since then meditation and Dharma practice have become a more and more integral part of her life. This path led her to an MBSR teacher training course at the Centre for Mindfulness in Massachusetts and since 2015 she has been teaching MBSR, mindfulness and meditation. In 2016 she joined Bodhi College as Director and now splits her time between Bodhi College development and her own work. Before joining Bodhi College she spent most of her working life managing and running international development NGOs in the UK and Europe before she in 2017 relocated back to Denmark where she now lives with her family in an eco-community south of Copenhagen.

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