The idea for Copenhagen Insight started at the Dharma Teacher Training run by Bodhi College, which Gerit Stoecklmair, Christin Illeborg and Eva Broby Johansen attend and which Signe Glahn supports in her role as Bodhi College director.

The idea was first presented to our teachers at the Dharma Teacher Training – meditation teachers such as Christina Feldman, John Peacock, Stephen Batchelor, Akincano M Weber and others who were all positive and committed  to support Copenhagen Insight by continuing to be our mentors and occasionally come to Copenhagen and teach.

In this way Copenhagen Insight belongs to an ancient wisdom tradition which for centuries has kept the dharma alive and relevant to the culture and time it was taught in. Our teachers at Bodhi College belong to the generation which travelled to Asia in the 60’s and 70’s in search of the wisdom of the East. They stayed in the East for many years to be close to their teachers. When they returned to the West, several of them came together and established retreat centers, such as Gaia House, UK and the Insight Meditation Society, US.

Their aspiration was to pass on Insight Meditation (Vipassana Meditation) and the Buddha’s teachings to other Westerners outside of a monastic context.

In ordinary busy life, travelling to England or the United States is not always possible. Therefore, we saw a need to form Copenhagen Insight Meditation, which can convey their and our aspirations and continue the unbroken lineage of early Buddhist teaching.


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