Meditation groups

Copenhagen Insight Meditation sitting group 

The sitting group meets every Monday at 17-18.30

If you have not attended before or are new to meditation, you are very welcome to join. If you have not meditated before you are also welcome.

This group is led by one of our teachers and open to everyone. The meditations are guided with periods of silence. These evenings are a good way to meet others and be inspired in your practice – on the cushion as well as in daily life.

Please see our schedule for dates.

Sankt Knuds Vej 36, 2 sal 1903 Frederiksberg

Each session will include the following elements:
40 minutes meditation
Tea break and stretch
Dialogue and refleksion on practice.

Please arrive at 16:50 for the session to start at 17:00.

We have chairs and some cushions for sitting. You are welcome to bring your oun.

Suggested Donation for the evening: 100kr ( more or less according to what is possible for you)
Can be paid with mobile pay 201438 or cash when you arrive.

If you are new to the Dana principle please see our page about generosity here. Donations of packets of tea, biscuits and candles are also very welcome.


Local meditation groups

Meditation Group in Lyngby

On Wednesdays in weeks of even numbers from 17.00 – 18.00
Everybody is welcome and invited to participate in this meditation group.
Contact: Gerit Stöcklmair.
For information, please follow this link Meditation Group in Lyngby

Meditation group Helsingør

First monday in every month kl 17-18.15.
More about this group
Contact: Ene Ravn.
Phone: 26 27 23 80

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