The Peace of A Boundless Heart

En aften med Nathan Glyde

Nathan underviser på letforståeligt engelsk, med mulighed for oversættelse af enkelte ord og forståelse til dansk.

The Buddhist teachings guide us to relieve our suffering via a path of calmness (samatha) and investigation (vipassanā) radically changing how we relate to life. We could say that all the practices of this path incline us towards immeasurable qualities of heart. These boundless warm and caring ways of relating (often called brahmavihārās) are fruits of practice, yet they can also be profound and powerful ways of practicing. These practices start right where we find ourselves, and extend into profound liberation and well-being.

This evening we will explore ways of practicing that resource well-being here and now, and guide us on this path of “lasting happiness and well-being” towards the peace of a boundless heart.

Please join us for this event, you are all welcome.


About Nathan Glyde

Nathan began meditating in 1997, and teaching retreats in 2007. From continued exploration grew a deep love for meditation’s alive stillness and creative silence. Feeling the potential for all of life to play a part in awakening opened an interest to cultivate attentiveness in every experience. In 2004 this led to the co-founding of to offer retreats combining meditation with social and environmental action. Nathan’s complete teaching schedule can be viewed at

Dana for Nathan 

This evening is freely given, but we encourage you to offer Dana to Nathan Glyde so that he have financial support during this period. He lives and teaches by Dana only.


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This event is an online event on zoom. When you have signed up you will get a mail with a link to our zoom room. All our events will be announced on our newsletters (Sign up on front page)


jun 03 2020


19:00 - 20:30


Aftenen er baseret på Dana (Generøsitet)

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