About copenhagen insight

Copenhagen Insight Meditation is an independent association* which teaches Insight Meditation as well as related practices ​​and teachings based on the Dharma found in the earliest Buddhist texts.

Our events* are led by an experienced group of teachers with many years of meditation practice.

We want to provide an ethical and philosophical framework for practicing meditation and Dharma in our secular time and culture – not just on the cushion but in your life as a whole. We want to share the Buddhist teachings in a way that is accessible to all who would like to practice and cherish the depth of Buddhist teachings.

Please be aware that we also have the wish and the intention to make the teaching available in Danish language so that we as a group can translate the original words, metaphors and culture  into the Danish culture and the Danish context.

Buddhist rituals and symbols are not essential in our events.

We welcome everyone regardless of religion, political beliefs, gender, sexuality, age, ethnic background, nationality and ability.

We are not trying to convert anyone. And we are pleased if participants in our events find that insight meditation gives them a deeper commitment to their own tradition.

CIM is led by a group of volunteers who are themselves engaged in meditation and regularly participate in long-term retreats at Gaia House or elsewhere.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a flourishing center to pass on the essence of Buddha’s teachings, which tell us that inner freedom and awakening are possible, that our minds can find peace and our hearts be open – here and now, in this city, in this life, in this moment.

Our goal is to ensure that the Teachings of the Buddha are easily accessible in Copenhagen as well as supporting the citizens of and around Copenhagen in understanding the Dharma and how it can be realized in their own lives. At the same time, we want to support communities practicing together and sharing a path inspired by the Buddha’s teachings.

* CIM is a non-profit association with CVR number DK-41536292


As an association, we may only sell tickets / registrations to our members. This means that the first time you buy a ticket / participation in a given year, you will also become a member of CIM. Your membership will not be renewed but will automatically expire at the end of our financial year, and there are no conditions associated with being a CIM member. You will continue to be contacted only through the newsletter or in connection with the events you sign up for.


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